Alright y’all, let’s cast that ballot! (And I cleared the previous responses this time)

  • @ToasterOverlordM
    7 months ago

    Just a heads up, I can see this post on mobile (Jerboa) but not in the browser for some weird reason. I get the same thing across instances, so it doesn’t seem to be a slow federation thing.

    I’ll give it a few hours in case it is. If it doesn’t show up, maybe we should link to this post in the sidebar and as a comment in the last results post so people can find it.

    Edit 4 hrs later: showing up now on desktop for me

    • g0d0fm15ch13fOPM
      27 months ago

      Yeah same thing as I posted it (from browser) but some updoots showed up before I could see it in the community. So something’s fucky with a server somewhere.